Voice Systems

At Michael Sheridan Communications Inc. we strive to work with our customers in a cooperative manner where we work together to come up with the right solution at a competitive price.

At MSC we will work closely with you to install and rollout a new Telephone system designed specifically for your needs while utilizing modern tools ie., Smart Phones, Tablets, Mobility Apps or your PC.  Whether utilizing traditional Key systems, implementing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Cloud or Hosted VoIP systems or even an Open Source solution, you can rest assured that we will only provide you with a solution that WORKS!

Because we work with several products and solutions we are not biased and will make sure we work with you to select a system that will be most suitable for you and your organization.

If you would like to use an existing, legacy system we would be more than happy to recommend ways to ensure that you can continue to get the most out of it without sacrificing reliability.  We will even teach you ways to utilize existing features and capabilities that you may not be aware of. You might be surprised by what your 15+ year-old system can still do for example, Transfer Inbound or Outbound Calls to an offsite location or number such as a Cell Phone, Satellite office, Home Phone, etc., be notified on your cell phone when a new Message is left in your Voice Mailbox at the office; Record conversations for Recollection or Training purposes, etc!

Did you know we can replace your existing analog Telephone lines with the new VoIP Telephone lines (SIP Trunks) even on your old existing Telephone system therefor providing you with a reduced monthly bill, NO CONTRACT, Free Long Distance, Complete Service Back-Up in the event of a Power, Equipment or Carrier failure and even give you Mobility Apps that you can use on your SmartPhone?  We can!

Our Solutions

Supply, Install & Service old or current Premise-Based Telephone systems

We install, manage and maintain digital PBX systems which provide a complete Unified Communications system with unbeatable after-sales service. Our flexible and secure systems give you telephony where and when you need it whether hosted on an appliance or server at your premises or in the cloud.

Supply, Install & Service new Hosted/Cloud-based Telephone systems ie, VoIP.

Cloud-Based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a computer-integrated telephone system in which phone service is delivered via your Internet or local network connection. It may be the future of telecom. There are different applications, including a cloud-based (hosted) solution or a semi-cloud based (semi hosted) solution. If you are ready to move your business to a new level of communication technology, Central Telephone Sales and Service can guide you in making the right choice. Cloud-based phone systems offer solutions in virtually every aspect of the connections businesses rely on – voice, video, unified communications and networking.

Supply & Install Telephone Accessories ie, Wireless & Corded Headsets, Conference Phones, Call Recording, On Hold Advertising & Music.

Other related solutions

we have it all! Our complete service package includes …

  • The Right Music

    Music has a powerful impact on a caller’s perception of your business. Our professionally-created music includes all required legal licensing.

  • The Perfect Voice

    Female or male, cheery or educational, our pool of professional voice talents will reflect your company image to perfection.

  • Custom Scripts

    Our team of experienced writers craft scripts that will engage your callers and provide a pleasant, informative on-hold experience.

  • Excellent Support

    From consultation to production, each staff member will exceed your expectations to put the power of on-hold marketing to work for you.

  • Playback Options

    Playback equipment or .wav files in any file format for VoIP & PBX systems are included in our custom packages.

  • Professional Voicemail

    The solution that ensures a positive caller experience when navigating your phone menus, voicemail, auto-attendant or IVR greetings.


Video and Call Conferencing solutions.

Make every meeting productive, yet personal, with video.

Whether in the office, at home, or in the field, let video elevate the conversation and help deliver a clear impact to meeting productivity.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then why rely on voice alone? Increase productivity and accelerate the decision-making process with the power of video-enabled virtual meeting spaces.

  • Reliable And Secure
  • Quality Video Connections
  • Decide and Act Faster
  • Rapid Cloud Deployment
  • Dynamic and Distributed Teamwork

Supply & Install Sound and Video Services and products.

we supply and install  professional audio-visual equipment for experiences that exceed the demanding challenges of audience/client expectations.

Give us a call at (905) 967-0830 and we would be happy to chat about your needs in more detail.

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