About Us

At Michael Sheridan Communications Inc. we strive to work with our customers in a cooperative manner where we work together to come up with the right solution at a competitive price.

An Environmentally Responsible Organization

At Michael Sheridan Communications Inc. we strive to work with our customers in a cooperative manner where we work together to come up with the right solution at a competitive price.  We pride ourselves on helping our customers solve problems or accomplish goals and not “selling” them.  Because we have partnered with so many different manufactures and service providers we have one of the largest product and service portfolios in the industry so we do not have to “shoe horn” any particularly solution. We do not believe in the “one size fits all” mentality which is quite common in our industry!

Whether a Public or Private Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Medical, Research Educational, Restaurant or Retail or any other environment, MSC’s extensive experience ensures that you have the best, customized solution in place with delivery of your project on time and at a competitive price.  Strong alliance partnerships with other certified resellers across North America enable us to serve businesses of all sizes and in any location.

Add to this, Michael and Andrew Sheridan’s personal assurance which guarantees you the individual attention and service you deserve.  We at Michael Sheridan Communications take this responsibility very seriously and entrust our reputation to the world’s most reliable equipment manufacturers, service providers and their products.

Our Approach

The process

The first thing we want to do in any new relationship is to listen to your concerns, goals and wish lists, after all, how do we help you solve your problems if we do not understand your challenges and goals?

Secondly, whether you need assistance with your existing system regardless if it is Telephone, Access Controls,  Alarm, Audio Video, CCTV or Cabling Infrastructure we will always discuss the pros/cons as well as capabilities and expansion opportunities of your existing equipment and setup before recommending possible alternatives.

When quoting or proposing a solution or new system roll-out we always try to provide you with different options including ideally one which will be to work (retrofit) with your existing equipment if appropriate.

Once we have selected a strategy with you and created a delivery timeline we then set an installation and or service date for the execution.

After any installation, we provide Training and then follow up with FREE ONGOING USER TRAINING of all our systems!

After our Installation & Training we will make a follow-up call to ensure that everything is exactly as promised and expected of us before we send out our final invoice.

One Size does not fit all

At MSC unlike a lot of other businesses out there we certainly do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach.  We are always striving to develop new relationships and partnerships with other manufacturers, service providers, other industry experts, consultants and even other dealers in order to provide our customers with a larger variety of products and services.

Whether looking into VoIP or a traditional Key Telephone system, we are continually working with our Customers, Manufacturers, Dealers, Technicians and Service Providers to arrive at the best solutions available.  At MSC we will always make sure our clients get the most out of their equipment whether it’s 20 years old or the very latest.

Our execution process

Below represents a new Telephone system but the same process can apply for a new Alarm, Access or CCTV system.

  • Step 1

    We do a full analysis of all Telecommunications services including Telephone lines, Long Distance and 1-800 numbers to make sure that our customers are getting the most competitive rates available to them and not being charged for any unnecessary or redundant services.  Then we compare the existing Telecommunications costs to VoIP services.

  • Step 2

    See if any of the equipment and features of the existing Telephone & Voice Mail system can be utilized to accomplish our customers’ requirements.

  • Step 3

    Design potentially a few system options together with the customer and thoroughly review all capabilities, benefits and even any shortfalls.  Again, because we have several different system offerings between Avaya, Toshiba, NEC, Panasonic or even legacy Nortel/Norstar/Meridian/BCM and even a couple of Cloud/VoIP solutions we are not shy about reviewing the price, pros and cons of all options so that you know exactly what you are getting with NO surprises!

  • Step 4

    Installation Design Meeting (IDM).

    Before the installation date we work with our clients to review several features and capabilities of the new system, extension list, greetings, mail boxes, labels, training timing and even how it will behave in a way that is best for their business and daily dynamics.  Once this is complete our Technicians will preprogram and test a majority of the system in our Shop so that we are already ahead of the game before we even arrive on site.

  • Step 5

    System Rollout and Training!

  • Step 6

     Post Installation follow up and more FREE Training if you want it!!!

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