Corded & Wireless Headsets

A hands-free solution for your office! Using only industry-leading equipment, MSC will help match the correct headset to your application. We offer an entire collection of wireless and corded headsets for your office, warehouse, home office, call center or wherever you may use it.

Ask about our FREE, no obligation onsite demos. After all, you should be able to try it before you buy it! Sorry, demo may depend on location.


Conference Phones

From individual offices to the largest boardrooms, a full-duplex Conference phone makes meetings over the phone simple and sound natural. Conference Phones can be added permanently to any environment or even simply paired to a SmartPhone via your Bluetooth function so you can use it anywhere!

Contact us to match the correct conference station to your system. Again, please ask us about our FREE, onsite demos!


Advertising & Music On Hold

Whether you want your On Hold content designed by our creative team and professionally recorded in a sound studio or you want to be able to quickly change and re-record your own message on your own PC or simply have On-Hold Music from your own Radio or Music source, MSC can provide you with the best and most cost-effective solution for your business.


Call Accounting

If you want to keep details records of all Inbound and or Outbound calls, retrieve details, create reports or even use for billing purposes we have a variety of solutions to suit your needs and budget.


Call Recording

Certain business applications require a thorough log of all correspondence including Voice Calls. Whether planning important projects, training sales or service staff, negotiating rates or you simply need to have a record of calls for reference; MSC will provide you with a range of options to Record and Store any Telephone conversation whether locally

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